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Cybercriminals use many tactics to avoid traditional defense measures when infiltrating an organization’s network without getting detected. Just because you can’t see intruders doesn’t mean they aren’t there. These hidden and advanced attacks constitute the top 10% of cyber threats and cannot be detected solely with programmatic solutions. WatchTower365 aims to sniff out these highly advanced cyber threats and track and neutralize adversaries which cannot be caught with other methods.


It has become crucial for organizations to try to get ahead of cyber attacks by detecting attacks early and responding in time. WatchTower 365 Threat Hunting is the process of proactively and iteratively searching through networks to detect and isolate advanced threats that evade existing security solutions. Our threat hunting process is systematic and our SOC continually looks for anything that could be evidence of an intrusion.

How it works?

WatchTower 365 Threat Hunting uncovers attack patterns by automatically identifying anomalies in the behaviour of each user, process, and machine. We continually monitor your endpoints using deep analytics, to detect potential cyber threats. Our machine learning algorithms screen every alert for suspicious activity, investigate its spread, and leverage our threat hunting tools, stop the attack. Then we check these outputs to remove false positives and further query data information and systems to detect attacks that might have bypassed other security controls.


Finally, we conduct our investigation, unravelling the root causes, providing immediate response and guiding action plans to successfully reduce future attacks. Each new pattern of attack becomes a behaviour of threat detection that can be used to stop future hackers before they can cause harm, thus creating a learning and detection cycle.



WatchTower365 Threat Hunting
WatchTower365 Threat Hunting

Reduce breach attempts

WatchTower365 Threat Hunting

Reduce attack surface

WatchTower365 Threat Hunting

Mitigate Attack Propogation

WatchTower365 Threat Hunting

Speed up Incident Response

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