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WatchTower365 Sentinel
WatchTower365 Sentinel

Managed Endpoint Detection and Remediation comes with a powerful Endpoint Protection platform. Today, even basic malware campaigns are automated - enabling cybercriminals with few resources to launch sophisticated attacks against organizations of all sizes. To fight back, businesses deployed multiple layered, yet siloed, endpoint security solutions, which threat actors soon defeated by exploiting the gaps in between.


These synergistic trends mean there has never been a greater need for a unified, comprehensive approach to endpoint protection that’s strong enough to thwart advanced attacks, but agile enough to adapt to the threat landscape.

Key Advantages:

  • Precise protection without bloat​

  • Innovation that outpaces malware​

  • Complete solution, any size organization

WatchTower365 Sentinel

At WatchTower 365, we have created a unique (Managed Endpoint Detection & Response) service that incorporates 24 X 7 Monitoring, Remote Remediation Support, Suspicious Activity Monitoring, Investigate | Isolate | Recover, Guided Investigation, Ransomware Rollback, and Global Threat Intelligence. In addition to the aforementioned components, WatchTower 365 provides 24x7x365 monitoring and remote incident response and remediation support which is an ideal service for small IT teams who have a deficit in cybersecurity skills.

WatchTower365 Sentinel

When suspicious activity occurs, security professionals need to actively respond in mere minutes, immediately stopping potential threats from propagating, while determining if the behavior is indeed malicious.


Endpoint response solutions need to be quick and easy to deploy, rapidly protecting organizational assets and shortening the time to respond. Integrated threat detection allows for progressive enrichment of threat detection insights across an attack chain.


And a cloud-based platform that guides administrators through investigation, response, and recovery give them the tools and intelligence needed to respond.​

Key Advantages:

  • Active response in minutes

  • Linking engine for complete remediation

  • Up to 72 hours of Ransomware Rollback

  • Progressive Threat Detection

  • Flight recorder for suspicious activity monitoring

  • Endpoint Isolation

  • Guided Threat Response

WatchTower365 Sentinel
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