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Organizations are in a better position to defend against insider and outsider threats when they have full visibility into data access and usage and can enforce data protection policies to prevent sensitive and confidential data loss. It is usually difficult to detect these activities, but our monitoring services correlate network and endpoint activity information with contextual factors such as IP addresses, URLs, files, and application details to provide accurate identification of threat activity-specific anomalies.


WatchTower 365 Monitoring allows us to identify undetected threats such as outsiders connecting to internal networks or unauthorized internal accounts and insider threats, that threaten to expose, steal, breach or leak confidential and sensitive data. Monitoring reduces the risk of such outside and insider threats and maximizes data protection capabilities.

How it works?

To identify cyber attacks and data breaches, WatchTower365 Monitoring is involved in a continuous cycle of analysis and evaluation of security data. Our monitoring solutions gather and correlate information from network sensors and devices as well as endpoint agents and other security technologies to identify patterns that indicate a potential threat or security incident. Once a threat is identified, an alert for mitigation or incident response will be issued to the security team. Continuous monitoring (24/7) on a tactical and operational level provides timely and actionable intelligence. It is essential to capture this information and take appropriate data protection and security related actions at all levels of the organization.


  • Provides you with the visibility you need to stay one step ahead of potential issues. 

  • For time-crunched network experts, network monitoring makes problem-solving easier and faster.

  • It can help secure your business-critical data if you don't have the funds for intrusion detection software but still want a tier 1 solution to help protect against data breaches.

  • With the ability to report on performance provided by network monitoring, you can effortlessly meet SLA requirements and guarantee customer satisfaction.



WatchTower365 Monitoring
WatchTower365 Monitoring

Complete visibility

WatchTower365 Monitoring

Continuous security

WatchTower365 Monitoring

Protect a business's critical data

WatchTower365 Monitoring

Performance boost

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