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WatchTower365 Incident Response


Every day, organizations are at the risk of potential threats, most of which might not cause any damage but still need to be investigated. That said, every threat requires quick efficient investigation and response. WatchTower 365 Incident Response is a collection of procedures aimed at identifying, investigating, and responding to potential security incidents in a way that minimizes impact and supports rapid recovery.


In addition to addressing individual incidents, we examine sequences of events to determine if they may match the steps an attacker might take to compromise security in your environment. The ultimate goal of WatchTower 365 Incident Response is to effectively address current incidents and also proactively protect against broader more synchronized future attacks.

How it works?

WatchTower 365 prepares our IT and incident response team with resources, procedures, priorities, and escalation protocols to handle potential incidents in a timely manner and deployment and monitoring setup to establish baseline behaviour. Alarms are set up and analyzed to eliminate false positives. After that we use specific procedures to analyze incidents and their severity, identify actual and potential exploits associated with incidents, prioritize and determine possible escalation protocols to mitigate the threats and vulnerabilities. Post analysis we isolate systems affected by security incidents to prevent further damage, find and eliminate the root cause of attacks, and mitigate the possibility of future threats.​


Finally, we permit affected systems back into the production environment after testing (and monitoring for future repeat incidents).  This step is followed by post-mortem data collection and reporting. We document all activities and results in addressing incidents and maintain records for compliance assessments. WatchTower 365 team will review and discuss these reports with you in order to improve future incident response efforts.


  • You can respond to an attack with ease and confidence if you have a cybersecurity incident response plan with clear post-event instructions, responsibilities, and incident response management principles.

  • It aids in immediately identifying the extent of an attack, where and how it occurred, and what is in danger, allowing the security team to take tangible and appropriate mitigation and cleanup measures, thereby decreasing the incident's impact on your business.

  • It aids you in identifying the vulnerabilities in your networks and existing security techniques, as well as developing solutions to improve your overall cybersecurity posture.

  • Having a solid cybersecurity incident response plan in place will allow you to engage with consumers and stakeholders quickly and effectively during this unprecedented crisis.



WatchTower365 Incident Response

Respond faster

WatchTower365 Incident Response

Mitigate Attack Propagation

WatchTower365 Incident Response

Assess security gaps

WatchTower365 Incident Response

Instill Confidence

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