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Secure your data and applications in a zero-attack surface, zero-trust environment. Our solutions reduce your organization’s footprint and shield your assets through zero-attack surface technology. Titan enables your organization to safely leverage the cloud with controlled access and non-traceable network connectivity.

  • Protect your user’s identities : Our dynamically generated, dedicated networks protect your identity and location by constantly disguising any identifiable information normally susceptible to internet threats. We obscure the identity of the user thereby discouraging attacks before they even begin.

  • Isolate business process : Offload risky functions such as research and security operations to ConcealCloud. Complete isolation from your organization’s network allows you to fulfill core internet-facing functions while eliminating risk to your environment.

  • Mask your data. Prevent their attacks : If they can’t find you, they can’t attack you. By adding an additional layer of concealment, we disguise where your data is being sent. Hostile actors cannot launch attacks if

  • they don’t know the path on which the data travels.

  • Stay connected, despite any incident : It is essential for users and organizations to be prepared to respond and quickly recover critical business functions. ConcealCloud provides a completely out-of-band application, storage, and communications network, keeping enterprises connected even when infrastructure is unavailable or compromised.



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