Data Loss Prevention (DLP) component of WatchTower365 S.M.A.R.T 365  SOC in a Box solution packs the ability to detect anomalous employee activity by separating out abnormal behaviour from otherwise regular behavioural patterns. This helps in filtering out false positives and conducting meaning analysis of the anomaly to stop possible data loss through available transmission channels.

  • Complete clarity on confidential data residing in the organization.

  • Deploys across all kinds of devices like desktops, laptops, mobiles, cloud emails, printers.

  • One dashboard for all DLP reports and analytics.

  • Incident alerts on Email and SMS. Stay connected even while on the move.

  • Activity tracking, employee monitoring and sensitive data protection combined in one single suite.


Discover sensitive data residing at various places within the organization that can possibly lead to its compromise.


Analyze all data being sent out by the employees through various channels based on predefined patterns, keywords or phrases, and logic flows.


Based on predefined policies, activate DLP to lock down specific channels or activities in case of any sensitive data exfiltration is detected mitigating damage to the organization.


Detect and monitor fragments of sensitive data that could be sent out of the organization to unsolicited viewers.


Receive Email, SMS and Desktop Notifications on serious incidents occurring within the network. Maintain actionable intelligence about every incident including the system where the crime occurred and who committed it.

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