Data Leakage

As data thieves become more sophisticated, companies are facing increasing pressure to protect their data and keep a look out for such threats. It isn’t just outsider attacks but insider threats from disgruntled employees who have access to the company’s confidential information are also causing data protection issues. Social engineering attacks have also become so sophisticated that even happy employees can easily and unwittingly give out confidential information causing irreparable damage to the organization.

WatchTower365 DLP solution in SOC as a Service ensures that sensitive data remains secure within the corporate network by constantly monitoring and filtering data in real-time. Besides handling the data being used, stored and transmitted within the network, DLP ensures that no harmful external data enters the network of the company. We offer Data Leakage Prevention (DLP) tools that allow us to accurately identify, monitor, control data streams, mobile devices, and endpoint activity. Using identity-based policies, encryption, and continuously maintained storage logs, we ensure that your organization is always leakage free.

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