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As we implement our Business Continuity plans and reset our corporate priorities to deal with the pandemic, it is important to keep cybersecurity at the forefront. We will be relying more heavily than ever on our IT systems to keep our businesses moving forward and cybersecurity plays a critical role in keeping those systems up and running.

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) should be a critical component of your work at home strategy. Adding EDR as part of your work at home IT architecture will give you remote insight and manageability of the endpoints (laptops) being used by your employees working at home. EDR goes well beyond Anti Virus capabilities, giving you the ability to perform digital forensics and incident response of remote devices – which is critical in a distributed work at home environment.  

How it works?

WatchTower365 Endpoint Detection and Response solution in SOC as a Service is built to respond at the speed of an attack. When suspicious activity occurs, our security professionals actively respond in mere minutes, immediately stopping potential threats from propagating, while determining if the behavior is indeed malicious. WatchTower365's EDR solution is quick and easy to deploy, rapidly protects organizational assets and shortens the time to respond. Its integrated threat detection allows for progressive enrichment of threat detection insights across an attack chain. And a cloud-based platform that guides administrators through investigation, response, and recovery gives them the tools and intelligence needed to respond.


  • Gives you a birds-eye perspective of everything going on in your system's endpoints

  • Provides you with a lot more visibility into what's going on in your network

  • EDR enables you to monitor your systems in real-time and receives instant alerts of potential threats or breaches, allowing you to respond more quickly and mitigate attacks before they cause severe damage.

  • With EDR, you can roll that device back to its pre-infected state. This advanced technique has a good probability of rendering most attacks ineffective, providing you a lot more power and control over your digital assets.



Endpoint Detection and Response
WatchTower365 EDR

Remote worker protection

WatchTower365 EDR

Improved threat detection

WatchTower365 EDR

Low false positive alerts

WatchTower365 EDR

Attack isolation

WatchTower365 EDR

Automated remediation

WatchTower365 EDR

Ransomware rollback

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