With the increase in cyber-attacks every year, organizations sometimes aren’t even aware of system breaches, and often, by the time they realize, it is too late. WatchTower365 Forensics investigates the threat alarm/event that occurs in your network (in real-time) to identify the nature of the threat (malware, trojan, virus, etc). This helps to determine the extent of the exposure and contain/eradicate the threat from your environment as quickly as possible.


How it works?

WatchTower365 Forensics allows us to automate intrusion detection throughout your systems. If there is a threat, it triggers an Alarm/Event which notifies us in order to execute the threat analysis protocol. Our enhanced threat detection capabilities trigger remedial actions based on the risk identified. Remedial actions can include system-level functions that are executed immediately, either through a user-executed action or an automated rule or job. WatchTower365 executes a thorough analysis through multiple actions when performing an investigation of the target system.  Each of these actions is designed to provide a forensic profile for the target asset.


  • To ensure the computer system's integrity.

  • Produce evidence in court that can lead to the perpetrator's punishment.

  • It assists businesses in capturing critical data if their computer systems or networks are attacked.

  • Cybercriminals from all over the world can be tracked down with ease.

  • Aids in the safeguarding of the organization's funds and time.

  • Allows you to retrieve, process, and interpret factual evidence in order to prove cybercrime in court.